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Book Description:
  Lehigh Township was settled in the late 1700s by immigrants who had come to work in the numerous slate quarries. Situated in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, the township represented the last signs of civilization for those traveling north from Philadelphia to the wilderness beyond the Lehigh Gap. The township has remained largely rural, with farms and open fields abundant along its two-lane highways. Compiled by members and friends of the Lehigh Township Historical Society, Lehigh Township is a collection of rare vintage photographs of the community. The Cherryville Hotel (which in its heyday was known throughout the area as one of the best places to get Pennsylvania Dutch food), local quarries, one-room schoolhouses, Dieter's Foundry, and the Indian Trail and Edgemont amusement parks make up a sampling of the countless familiar images of Lehigh Township's past. Lehigh Township is an indispensable reference for both residents and visitors.
  Author Bio: Lehigh Township Historical Society president Sean Billings has coauthored two books with his wife, award-winning writer and photographer Johanna S. Billings, a contributor to this book. Society vice president Robert Mentzell teaches history at Northampton Area High School, and Secretary Beverly Putt is active as a community volunteer. Mary Ann Endy is a member of the historical society and a writer for a local newspaper. These dedicated historical society members have compiled this stunning display of more than three hundred years of life, work, and family.

Lehigh Township

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