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Trophy Drive

Our Community Service project is "Trophy Drive". We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. We refurbish old, unwanted trophies and give them to kids who overcame obstacles, completed chemotherapy, participated in an activity, etc. It all began with a 2011 article in the Morning Call Newspaper and grew from there...

Within days, we had so many trophies and not enough recipients slated to give them to. Calls were made in very state in the country and shipped from here to Florida, Hawaii, Maine and everywhere in between. Donations poured in.

Since 2011, over 4,000 trophies have been refurbished and shipped to hospitals and facilities throughout the United States, to be given to kids who:

* Complete chemotherapy/ radiation

* Completed Halo Traction

* Completed Physical Therapy

* Learned to walk again

* Participated in sports like wheelchair basketball and dance

* Participated in a Specialty camp

* Participated in a fundraising activity for kids with cancer

* Participated in fishing excursions with local clubs

* Participate in Village Idol talent show

Siblings go though a lot too with having a brother or sister going through an illness or chemotherapy. We have also given trophies to them as well.

Trophies of all sizes, get processed and counted. If they are in excellent condition (free of dirt, dents, scratches, etc.), they get the nameplates taken off and stored until they are needed. If not, they are taken apart to salvage what can be used to make other trophies. The plastic pieces go in the recycling bin, a local artist even used some for 3D art. Metal (steel and aluminum) as well as cast pieces go to the recycling center (money from there goes to supplies and shipping the trophies). Marble is used for crafts.

As of right now, we are only taking MONETARY DONATATIONS due to space. TROPHY DONATIONS will be accepted AGAIN IN THE SPRING/ SUMMER.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Trophy parts and supplies to make a trophy look great again for the kids takes a majority of our funds. Donations can be sent to:

Trophy Drive

PO Box 13

Bath, PA 18014

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